Dark Pop with a sparkle of hopeful Euro-Pop


Before moving to New Zealand, NEEKOH released few singles of which the first one, Bigger Better Stronger Faster was also written by him. It was produced by Finnish producer Maki Kolehmainen. The song was also published in Finnish at the same time.

  The music video for Bigger Better Stronger Faster, was filmed in Los Angeles, US. It was directed by Hector Abaunza who has done over 40 international music videos and worked with clients including Vaya Con Dios and the Grammy nominated James T. Slater. It was the first time in Finland that anyone published a music video to a song in two languages at the same time.


NEEKOH spent some time recently in the studio with the Finnish producers Vesa Hiidenmaa and Jere Pehkonen from Vent Studios, also known from the DJ-collective named as Winning Team, and has few songs to be released in 2019. 


At the moment NEEKOH is concentrating on writing new material and developing his music career in New Zealand.